Good Reads - Beyond 101 - November 2013

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I was given a review copy of beyond 101 in exchange for an honest review.
This book was absolutely amazing! I was hooked right from the start and did not want to put it down. The well written story was highly original, intriguing, and entertaining. It was also intelligent and very well though up.
If you like murder mysteries with a psychological twist, you MUST read this novel!!! But be warned; after reading beyond 101 you will most likely fear the power of hypnosis and think twice about whom to trust.

By Chantal Bellehumeur
November 20, 2013

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Amazon - Beyond 101 - October 2013

Another review of Beyond 101 from Amazon...

I have known Mr. Rubens for many years as an award winning writer in advertising. Beyond goes leaps and bounds beyond his ability in his original writing career to a mind expanding book that has kept me griped until the very end. I am now passing it on to my book club, as we just finished a Lee Child book of the same genre. We are now going to download Stalk!

By E. James

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Amazon - Beyond 101 - June 2013

This was a fun and thrilling book to read. The book initially takes it's time nicely setting up the characters and plot lines and before you know it the book picks up speed and you're afraid of putting the book down in case the action might go on without you!

By It's OK Publishing

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Amazon - Beyond 101 - June 2013

Allen Rubens' debut novel is phenomenal. I took a chance on a new author and will never regret it. It's a quick read with lots of twists. I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery. Can't wait til his new book comes out.

By Ginny Zook

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Amazon - Beyond 101 - June 2013

I never, repeat never read fiction but Beyond 101 had me hooked from the beginning. It's a fast paced page turner with short chapters that begin and end with compelling scenes and twists. The plot is tight, the dialogue is genuine and the characters are well-drawn. I loved the unique character names Teacher, Learner and Getter. Beyond 101 will make a great movie someday.

By Troy D Hayes
June 3, 2013

Amazon - Beyond 101 - May 2013

Allen Rubens's debut novel had me on the edge of my seat. The classic clash of good vs. evil is superbly re-invented by the author. Readers get an unflinching look into the mind of a serial killer, and how he recruits pawns for his deadly agenda. The depravity of the psychotic professor made me cheer even harder for Pete the Sheriff as he matches wits with a mad man. Pete and his wife Alison's love for Charlie, and Charlie's innocence, add nuanced layers to this gripping tale. I eagerly await Mr. Rubens's next book.

By Tracey G.
May 29, 2013

Amazon - Beyond 101 - May 2013

I took a chance on trying a new author and I'm happy I did. This guy can really write! Simply put, the characters got me involved with the story before the story got me involved with the characters. Charlie is a 10 year old boy who quickly becomes a pawn in a game no one can win. Both mentally and physically he's toyed with and shoved aside until time comes when he alone can decide if a serial killer will continue to run loose in the small town he lives in. The other characters are fresh and mesmerizing. Teacher has an agenda that will make you wonder just how powerful an evil mind can be. Learner and Getter are his aides and on their own they're unforgettable. I know I haven't told much about the story but all you have to know is someone is out to get Charlie. There are so many twists and turns about who was who and who did what I wouldn't know where to start. Nothing is as it seems and somehow everything is connected. Mr. Rubens has an amazing gift of dialogue and the mystery he weaves doesn't even need a narrative, which it has, and is a revelation on it's own. Along the lines of James Patterson, Lee Child, and Jeffery Deaver, Beyond 101 is an exciting book worthy of welcoming a new author into the mystery/suspense genre.

By P. Harney
May 10, 2013
Five Stars!

Amazon - Beyond 101 - May 2013

In Beyond 101, Allen Rubens paints a picture the likes I have never seen. The idea of mental manipulation opens up so many doors in my imagination I loved being taken on the ride. A boy, a teacher, and a serial killer, or is it two? I know it's only a book but because I couldn't put it down it just stayed with me, and I'm glad it did.
Like a snowball rolling down a mountain the suspense just got bigger and bigger. This was a very fun, very suspenseful read. Hopefully Rubens will have another book sooner than later.

By Olive R
May 15, 2013
Five Stars!

Barnes and Noble - Beyond 101 - May 2013

Beyond 101 is more than just scary to read. It's scary to think what can happen to me if the wrong people get hold of the right stuff. This book is more than just blood and killing and bad guys against good guys. There's a 10 year old boy named Charlie who has to put everything he has on the line to stop a serial killer from killing again. Beyond 101 treats psychological manipulation like most books treat gun fights.

I look forward to Mr. Rubens' next book. Riding on a roller coaster with this guy is fun.

By Anonymous
May 10, 2013

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