Released in April 2013, “Beyond 101” readers are taken on a journey of murder, lies and mind-bending suspense in a story that asks, “How safe is your mind when someone is determined to take it?”

Summertime in San Marito, Calif., is slow as usual, and 10-year-old Charlie Taggs is bored. All he wants is a little excitement. He gets it when he walks into an antique store. What he sees scares the hell out of him.

On the other side of town, summer school is in session and the students taking Psychology 101 are thrilled they will soon be learning the dynamics of hypnosis. For some lucky students class will be fun. For others, it will be deadly.

Full of unexpected twists and turns, “Beyond 101” will introduce readers to the unforgettable, fragmented mind of a diabolical killer.

“There are no other books like this,” says Rubens. “The dialogue will capture the readers and never let them go.”

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 324 pages | ISBN 9781481733564

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 324 pages | ISBN 9781481733571

E-Book | ISBN 9781481733557

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Beyond 101
By Allen Rubens

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